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PEC is the exclusive representative of International Coatings in Colorado and Wyoming. International Coatings, a leader in a leader in industrial floor coatings for almost 30 years, is known for high performance epoxy floors in the toughest applications. International Coatings is very popular in aerospace manufacturing floors, clean manufacturing floors, breweries, dairies, and many other applications. International Coatings, or ICO, is now a part of the Milamar group with PolyMax and Protective Floorings & Linings.

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Polymax, also a part of the Milamar group, is an aesthetically pleasing yet functional epoxy or urethane coating for floors. Often found in showrooms, airport hangars, hospitals, clinics, etc. Polymax offers a complete line of self-leveling, slurry, trowel, and broadcast coating systems. The PolyMax line of industrial floor coatings can be tailored to meet almost every need in abrasion/impact resistance, chemical resistance and surface finish.

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PF&L Products
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PF & L, another high quality floor coating brand in the Milamar family, offers industrial coatings for heavy or light duty used in sanitary or USDA environments, wall coatings, tank, trench, and sump liners, epoxy patches, and grout systems. PF & L also has novolac & vinyl ester coating system for the aggressive chemical environments.

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Edlon Coating

Edlon is an industry leader in flouropolymer coatings that protect against corrosion, provide high purity for fluid management, and allow material shedding to reduce build-up and down-time for cleaning maintenance. Edlon can wet spray coatings onto fabricated components, rotomold pipe fittings and other complex geometries, thermoform, isostatic forming, vacuum forming, and fusion welding. Edlon is also an ASME certified pressure vessel fabrication for lined vessels.

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