Tanks, Process Vessels, and Process Reactors

Belco Tank Picture (2)

Belco is an ASME RTP-1 certified manufacturer of fiberglass tanks ranging in diameters from 12 inches to 20 feet. Belco’s process vessels are produced by hand lay-up, chop, chop-hoop or helically wound methods. Resin systems include polyester, vinyl ester, novalac ester, among many others including fire retardant resins. FRP tanks are highly chemical resistant, non-corrosive, greater strength to weight than steel, and when insulated or heat traced, provide excellent thermal insulation.

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Ershigs Tanks

Ershigs excels in large diameter on-site construction of fiberglass tanks and vessels. Ershigs field wound tanks can range in diameters of 16 feet to 120 feet in diameter and are taller than 50 feet. Ershigs is an ASME RTP-1 certified manufacturer. In addition to field wound tanks, Ershigs also produces FRP tanks with minimal or no field construction ranging from 10 feet to 57 feet in diameter.

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Containment Solutions Photo

PEC is a distributor for Containment Solutions, Inc. Containment Solutions is a pioneer and industry leader in underground water and petroleum fiberglass storage tanks. Containment Solutions can produce single, double, and triple wall FRP tanks. In addition to underground storage tanks, CSI also manufactures aboveground storage tanks, urea DEF storage tanks, compartment tanks, retrofit systems, oil/water separators and fiberglass manholes and wetwells.

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PEC is a distributor for Snyder Industries, a polymer tank manufacturer. Snyder is a global leader in the manufacturing of durable plastic tanks. Snyder makes HDLPE and XLPE polyethylene tanks in flat bottom, cone bottom, double-wall containment, horizontal, IBC, and many other options. PEC focuses on the industrial applications for polymer tanks for use in chemical storage for water and waste water, chemical processing applications, and similar uses.

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